Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Father's Steak House: Not A Chain Restaurant Steak

When was the last time you had a steak at Outback Steakhouse? Did you like it? I’d wager it was average and wasn't award-winning by any stretch of the imagination. VIPS, is another steak and salad venue offering a buffet. If you aren’t into getting a steak of marginal quality, you should check out Father's.

My wife and I decided to check them out on a late Saturday evening. 
Their selection at that time was limited to just the tenderloin.

Mushroom soup
The tall buildings in the upper left corner are of City Hall

List of Steaks offered and sides
Hands down the best steak in Daejeon can be found at W-Bistro located in the artsy district of daeheung dong.  If the venture to “Old Downtown” is too far (When people say this, I always wonder how far is too far within the same city^^)

Fathers Steakhouse is a pleasant change from the chain steak restaurants and its located in Dunsan!


Price: Reasonable - depending on what size steak you are in the mood for.

Ambience: relaxing

Sound level: comfortable

Music: Easy listening

Visa/Mastercard, debit cards accepted.