Monday, December 10, 2012

Italian food in Daejeon: Eat Me in Dunsan

Eat Me in Dunsan dong has become so popular that we had to discover why expats in Daejeon like it so much. The reasons are simple: decent food at a decent price.

When people say "Take our picture." they probably don't know that you have a blog that is widely read in the city. This may be the last time they ask me.

The pizza at Eat Me is good, not great, and not the best in Daejeon (Nuovo Napoli in Gungdong has that honor.) Good base, nice toppings, and you won't feel like you overspent like we did when we visited Black'smith. All the food was good yet none of it was spectacular. The really nice thing is that the bill for eating here is not spectacular either. If you want to eat some nice food and not break your wallet Eat Me is a terrific place. If you want better, Cin-cin in Mannyeong dong will always deliver some great Italian dishes (try the veal at 45,000 won.) Cin-cin has receded from the real Italian food it was. Bonbon has good food but smaller portion sizes and I prefer a traditional base for my pizza as opposed to the mille-feuille dough that they use.

You can find better pizza and pasta in town but it would be at two different places and at vastly different prices. I like this place.

Negatives are few. Drink service can be quick or "did I order?" Pasta is over sauced, but it's that way everywhere in Daejeon except for Cin-cins and the place Dr. Clark took me to dinner one night (nice dinner, nice wine. Dr. Clark RULES.) The pasta bolognese didn't have a ll the suet drained after cooking so there was a gloss of fat rolling around my mouth after a forkful. I knew exactly what was coming since I had an aunt who made her sauce that way. I don't mind it so much because the sauce reminds me of my childhood, but other people may be put off by the extra fat. Not so bad that you wouldn't need lip balm in the winter but noticeable.

Eat Me in Dunsan dong, one block east of the Time World outdoor parking lot.

Price: $$$ (out of $$$$$)

Ambiance: Upscale casual

Sound level: when full the sound echoes a bit, but you don't have to shout to be heard by someone two chairs over.

Alcohol: Yes, beer, cocktails, and limited wine.

Kid Friendly: didn't see a high chair in sight, didn't see a kid. Wouldn't recommend taking one here.  Tim Thompson commented that he took his five year-old and that were a couple of strollers when he was there. They may not be built for kids but are kid friendly.

Recommended: Lasagne was nice, none of the food will offend.


Caprese salad, sorry for the soft focus.

Garlic Spaghetti

Happy couple.

I forget what they called this pizza.

New item on their menu, lasagne. Two lasagne rolls in a baking dish.

Steak, properly cooked to order.

Aegyo bad.